Ongrid grid tie inverters

Ongrid / Gridtie Inverters

A grid-tie inverter converts the gained solar power into grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it directly to your home network. By using this power instantly, it reduces the amount of power you consume from the public grid. The system can be easily extended afterwards without any problems.

All our grid-tie inverters are certified according to VDE 4105 and are equipped with a fully integrated MSD protection. This allows the legal and safe operation in EU and Germany without any additional components.

  • MSD / ENS fully integrated acc. to VDE AR-N 4105
  • High-quality brands
  • Flexibly expandable with storage system
Zeverlution 1500S Wechselrichter 1-Phasig inkl. ComBox, WIFI, DC-Switch

589,- €

19 % VAT incl.,
excl. Shipping costs
parcel shipment 6.50 kg

MASTERVOLT Soladin 1500 WEB inverter

MASTERVOLT Soladin 1500 WEB inverter

Incl. DC switch, WIFI interface for online monitoring and integrated ENS. Rated Power 1575 Watt - PV power range 1300-2000 Wp - MPP voltage range 150-300 V

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749,- €

19 % VAT incl.,
excl. Shipping costs
parcel shipment 5.00 kg

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