Winner AGM Battery 12V 100Ah

Winner AGM Battery 12V 100Ah

Heavy duty VRLA battery12V 100Ah (1,2 kWh) - over 1200 cycles (DoD30%) - Dimensions (HxWxD) 22,1 x 32,9 x 17,3cm

Art. WIN12V100

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currently not available

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Extreme deepcycle
Maintenance-free & leakproof
Location mounted independently
Long life span
Vibration and Shock Resistant
Efficient charge

WINNER® impressive quality - references

Through the excellent quality and manufacturing standards WINNER® batteries went above and beyond the crowd. In the recent years WINNER® became the OEM supplier for many renowned international companies.

Winner Battery

Technical Data

Winner AGM 12-55 12-80 12-100 12-150 12-200
Nominal voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V
Capacity (C20) 55 Ah 80 Ah 105 Ah 150 Ah 220 Ah
Capacity (C10) 50 Ah 75 Ah 100 Ah 135 Ah 200 Ah
Capacity (C5) 44 Ah 68 Ah 87 Ah 120 Ah 180 Ah
Max. Cold Cranking Amps (5s) 440A 600A 1000A 1200A 1600A
Max. Cold Cranking Amps (10ms) 1100A 1600A 2000A 3000A 4000A
Height incl. Pole(mm) 21,2 21,2 22,1 24 22,4
Height (mm) 20,8 20,8 21,4 24 22,2
Length (mm) 13,8 16,8 17,3 17 24
Depth (mm) 22,9 26 32,9 48,3 53
Connector type F13 F13 F18 F18 F18
Connection thread M5 M5 M8 M8 M8
Wight (kg) 18 25 30 44 60
Source resistance (+25°C) 10 mOhm 7,5 mOhm 5 mOhm 4,5 mOhm 4,5 mOhm
Lifespan (Standby) over 10 years
Self-discharge (+25°C) > 2,5%
Recommended charging voltage
in cycles operating at +25°C
14,4 ~ 14,7V
Recommended charging voltage
on standby mode at +25°C
13,5 ~ 13,8V

Battery regulation / recyling Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. Consumers are, according to the Battery Directive, obliged by law to return all spent batteries and accumulators. You can return batteries after use in the sales office or in their direct proximity (e.g. local collecting points or in the trade) free of charge. Of course you can return batteries which you have received from us to us after use at the following address or send them back to us by mail with sufficient postage: Bosswerk GmbH & Co. KG - Herrenpfad 38, D-41334 Nettetal. Regular and rechargeable batteries which contain harmful substances are marked with a crossed-out dust bin. Close to that symbol you can find the chemical denomination of the contaminant. "Cd" for cadmium, "Pb" for lead and "Hg" for mercury.

Deposit for Car batteries According to §10 BattG we have to charge a deposit of 7,50 Euro 19% VAT incl. for car batteries, if the consumer don't return a used car battery in exchange. If no diposit is charged, this amount is not deductible from the purchase price.